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Personal Training

Ricky’s Philosophy:

"Knowledge is the key element in creating a successful program that will produce unbelievable results. Experience and continued education, along with the concept of what makes your body function proficiently and properly, can develop a temple that you will love."

Your BODY!

I have been involved with fitness for the last 25 years, as a 3 sport high school athlete, collegiate football player at University of the District of Columbia, a brief NFL career with the Detroit Lions, Special Operation Response Team Officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Professional Prize Fighter (26W-4L-18KO's), collegiate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Texas Southern University for 18 different sports, Youth Sports Program Supervisor at The Houstonian Hotel Club and Trellis Spa, and a personal trainer.

I’ve developed my training regiments from the various trainer and coaches I have had the tremendous privilege of working with through my years of athletics and coaching, along with my 4 years of studies in Human Performance at Texas Souther University. It is an extreme benefit to reflect upon the many training programs I have had the personal luxury to have been involved in, and develop, to create a state of the art, high quality fitness program for each of my clients.

I train housewives to pro athletes, including youth as young as 5 years old, to seniors 85 years old, developing successful regiment to meet each individual client’s physical aptitude.

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Strength & Conditioning Coaching



·Designing a year round regiment for a team or individual for baseball specific movements is crucial in the overall performance of the athlete. In order to enhance batting power, speed, agilities, range of motion, flexibility, and conditioning, a thorough understanding and analysis must be made of team and individual deficits.

Baseball has traditionally been considered a fitness sport, but it also requires a certain amount of power. Swinging a bat, stealing a base, and throwing a ball require tremendous strength. However, many baseball conditioning programs do not emphasize power movements adequately. Strength training is significant because it establishes a base for power and endurance before the start of any sport-specific program.


·Until recently, basketball coaches have been reluctant to require players to engage in strength/weight training programs during the three seasons: pre-season, in-season, and post-season. The primary reason was that larger and stronger muscles were feared to have an adverse effect on shooting accuracy. Today, many coaches require multi-seasonal strength training programs in conjunction with skill related activities. The consensus is that it improves team success, prevents injuries, and promotes aggressiveness.

Research shows that no training or reduced training programs lead to a period of detraining (1). Detraining is a decondtioning process that affects performance because of diminished physiological capacity. However, research concluded that strength gains are typically maintained with minimal maintenance programs.

Boxing Team/Boxers

·Traditionalists claim that weight training tends to make a boxer muscle bound and fatigued. The muscle bound, non-flexible athlete is routinely not stretching adequately, not strength training properly through a full ROM, and not adhering to the relative muscle balance principle. It is imperative that a boxer devotes significant time and intensity to proper conditioning skill development. Strength training simply completes the athlete’s physical preparation.

Noting the benefits of strength training (decreased injury potential and anaerobic capacity, muscular endurance, improve body composition, flexibility, contraction speed, force and power), claims that the boxer becomes slow and tired due to muscle developed as of strength training is obviously untrue. A strength-training program that is properly developed improves performance and decreases injury potential. It must be incorporated into the training programs of the novice as well as future World Champions.

Cross Country/Distance Runners

Cross-country running is a demanding sport. Unlike track, the athlete must be prepared to adapt to a wide range of terrains while competing in a race. Steep uphills, sharp downhills, uneven footing, hurdling various barriers and adjusting to speed changes such as tight turns or long straightaway’s are just some examples of the challenges faced in cross-country running.

These conditions warrant a well-rounded training program in the areas of aerobic, anaerobic, and muscular strength endurance. Muscular strength endurance is a vital point of training the cross-country athlete and one which is often overlooked or less emphasized in a training program.

My program has been successfully tested at the NCAA level. My athletes have improved their performances as distance runners while winning events.


·When planning a pre-season, in-season, or post-season program the following factors are emphasized:

  1. Agility
  2. Cordination
  3. Flexibility
  4. Power
  5. Reaction
  6. Speed
  7. Strength
  8. Conditioning

Although my regiment is intense, it focuses on improvement in every area through a well-developed and team specific program designed to benefit each position. Coaches are kept abreast of gains in strength, speed, agility, quickness, and conditioning levels of athletes with pre-season, in-season, and post-season testing measures. Each athlete’s progress is charted and updated on a weekly basis to establish and maintain levels for peak performances. This also provides coaches with additional tools necessary to evaluate the capabilities of his team when preparing the depth chart and making game time match-up decisions.


The mechanics of the golf swing has been identified by the medical community as a possible cause of a variety of injuries, including injury to vulnerable areas in the lower back. Many golfers continue to play the sport without a proper warm-up routine and are in poor physical condition, thus increasing the risk for injury to the lower back.

In order to drastically reduce these risks, it is crucial that golfers become informed of the physical demands being placed on the body. Education is critical in the prevention of golf injuries, and should begin when one is initially introduced to the sport. It is the responsibility of the strength and conditioning coach to assist in this process by ensuring each client has a sound grasp of the mechanics of the golf swing and the vulnerable areas of the body prone to injury.


·Designing year round programs to optimize athletic performance though power training. Olympic-style lifts, squatting movements, and ply metrics train explosive-reactive mechanisms that are vital for the success of a soccer athlete.

This type of training becomes comprehensive when starting with a physical profile of each player. This establishes a baseline before training. Performing a variety of engaging exercises allows for a transfer of strength and power gains onto the soccer field. I place particular emphasis on the “power zone.” Players and coaches are convinced that training in this area in an explosive manner has brought them to the peak of their game.

When proper training is utilized both on and off the field, the result is a stronger, more powerful, and physically equipped athlete. A continuous high intensity training program of a cyclical nature will help soccer athletes win championships.

I will train you with explosive maneuvers, while developing speed, quickness, and power in your game.  


Speed, agility, and quickness are components for the tennis athlete to develop. Tennis is primarily an anaerobic sport because it uses the phosphagen and lactic acid system together about 75% of the time.

A tennis player runs an average of 3 meters per shot and a total of 8 to 12 meters in the pursuit of 1 point. Tennis players who are not agile will have difficulty reaching well-placed shots. Tennis movements can be broken down into 3 directions: forward, which occurs 47% of the time; laterally, which occurs 48% of the time; and backward, which occurs 5% of the time. (Add reference here)

As the strength and conditioning coach for you or your team, my training emphasis will focus on improving athletic fitness by incorporating sport-specific drills into the workout. Prior to any drill work, a warm-up that includes sport-specific dynamic flexibility movements will be integrated into your program.

Track & Field

Many weight training programs are geared toward the development of overall strength and power. Once this has been established, it is important to carry developmental gains to the next level in order to ensure the athlete that extra edge in performance. This where event specific exercises come into play. These exercises help enhance specific muscles and joint movements that directly result in successful outcomes.

My program is design to peak the athlete for the conference and national championships at the end of the season. All training that employs this program is power events requiring explosive movements. I am a thorough believer in the concept of speed specificity training; my programs are design for you to work towards that goal.


The major objective of the strength and conditioning program is injury prevention. In high-level volleyball athletes, the techniques of the game force the deltoid muscles to work under profound constraints. These muscles need to be strong to ensure their firmness. When meeting this condition, not only will performance be improved, but also the quantity and severity of injuries may be reduced. Modifying injury risk is a priority since a volleyball player injured through training errors will be unable to continue training effectively, to the ultimate disadvantage of competitive performance. Because of the long-range effects on performance over a season and even an entire career, the alteration of injury risk is fundamental in my program.

Strength and conditioning can be intergraded into the regular training schedule at any time in the season. For instance, it can be used on a customary basis throughout the training year or it can be specifically introduced for the preparation of particularly important or difficult matches in a championship. During the competition season, however, both coaches and the players need to take into account the time need to recover from fatigue it generates when adding it to the general training program.

In-Home Personal Training

Are you considering working with a personal trainer? If the answer is YES!, then first, you'll need to decide if you should work with an independent trainer who is based at a gym or one who will come to your residence or office.

For those of you who are new to exercise or who have jam-packed schedules, an in-home personal trainer is the way to go.

Some of the benefits of in-home personal training are:

  • Saving Time
  • Privacy and Comfort
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Special Attention
  • Accountability

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Ricky Jackson's Boot Camp uses fun but grueling activities that will enhance your daily lives and push your fitness limits.

Ricky's Boot Camp consists of moderate to high intensity training regiments, involving emphasis on:

  • conditioning exercises
  • plyometric drills
  • motor skill enhancements
  • speed and strength improvements
  • calisthenics activities

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Personal Training

Personal Trainer Houston - 1 Week FREE (Gym & 3-1 Hour Sessions) $300 Value!

QUICK FIX PACKAGE -- 4 One-Hour Personal Training -- $320

  • 30 days to complete
  • Cardiovascular training, weight training, flexibility, and weight loss/fitness improvements.
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • $320 ($340 Value)

PRE-DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM -- 8 One-Hour Personal Training -- $620

  • 30 days to complete
  • Cardiovascular training, weight training, flexibility, body weight training or boxercise, diet, and weight loss/fitness improvements.
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • $620 ($742 VALUE)

ULTIMATE PACKAGE -- 12 One-Hour Personal Training -- $840

  • 30 days to complete
  • Cardiovascular training, weight training, flexibility, ply metrics, body weight training or boxercise, agility drills, diet/supplementation suggestions, 16 – 24oz bottle water, weight loss/muscle gain.
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • $840 ($1104 VALUE)

PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE -- 16 One-Hour Personal Training Sessions -- $1050

  • 45 days to complete
  • Cardiovascular training, running, weight training, body weight training, flexibility, ply metrics, boxercise, agility drills, diet, supplementation, extreme weight loss/ muscle gain.
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • $1050 ($1456 VALUE)

EXTREME PACKAGE -- 20 One-Hour Personal Training Sessions -- $1240

  • 45 days to complete
  • Cardiovascular training, running indoor/outdoor, weight training, body weight training, flexibility, ply metrics, boxercise/boxing, agility drills indoor/outdoor, diet, supplementation, extreme weight loss/muscle gain, bodybuilding, speed, strength & conditioning training 24 – 24oz bottle water, FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP.
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • $1240 ($1824 VALUE)

In-Home Personal Training

One Hour of In-Home Personal Training (INSIDE LOOP 610)-- $100

  • - Personal Training Services
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • Inside Loop 610
  • 1 Session FREE!
  • $100 ($125 VALUE)

One Hour of In-Home Personal Training (OUTSIDE LOOP 610)-- $150

  • - Personal Training Services
  • A Rated Provider (BBB*)
  • Outside Loop 610
  • 1 Session FREE!
  • $150 ($175 VALUE)

*(BBB) Better Business Bureau

  • Gym Membership Required for in the gym services.
  • No Refund on Purchased Packages
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy on scheduled sessions!
  • Read/sign the Client Release/Waiver Forms after package purchase

If you live outside of the Houston, Texas area and would like Ricky to train you, read more about Ricky's concierge personal trainer services.


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